Inspirational Resources to Restore Your Confidence, Develop Your Courage and Build Your Brand

Harness The Power of Personal Branding and Executive Presence

Do you need a plan for your brand? With each eye-opening insight, well-illustrated example, compelling story and mind elevation exercise, you’ll be engaged and inspired as you see yourself, your life, and your dreams take flight.

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Self-Esteem For Dummies

Looking to get your hands on some more self-esteem? You're not alone. Thankfully, Self-Esteem For Dummies presents clear, innovative, and compassionate methods to help you.

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5 Steps to Assertiveness: How to Communicate With Confidence and Get What You Want

Assertiveness goes beyond standing up for yourself. Assertiveness is saying what you want in a way that makes others want to listen. This is an actionable 5-step how-to guide that will help you see the value of what you have to say― and gain the confidence to say it.

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The Bridge to Your Brand: Likability, Marketability, Credibility

Do you want to make a name for yourself? Is the culture at your workplace difficult to understand and navigate? Are you trying to be heard, but every one else is screaming? Do you want to create buzz about you?

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There Is More Inside: Personal Essentials to Living a Power-Packed Life

Do you ever feel alone? Have your friends ever turned their backs on you? Have you ever been teased on the playground or bullied in workplace? Have you ever felt lacked direction for your life?

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Our Hearts Wonder: Prayers to Heal Your Heart and Calm Your Soul

We all have moments when we wonder about our lives and what God is doing. Our Hearts Wonder offers prayers of encouragement, comfort, and healing for difficult moments, and prayers of praise for the faith you need to manifest your soul’s desires.

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