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S. Renee built her brand and business from ground zero to becoming a nationally recognized self-esteem, branding and communications expert, coach, speaker, and author. Her life-changing There Is More Inside™ programs have been developed based on her own accomplishments and the deliberate successes of her clients.

She can point to thousands of people who have experienced the positive results of her advice, but perhaps her strongest endorsement is her own life.

S. Renee’s confident, courageous, unstoppable mindset has been shaped by failure, rejection, and criticism. Teased and bullied until age twelve, in only two years after reading her first book on self-development, she was elected queen of her middle school and won the superlative title: "Friendliest and Best Personality."

For S. Renee, no is never the final answer. Despite being told that she wasn’t “model material” because her nose was too big, her complexion too dark and she was too short—she packaged, positioned, and launched her own modeling career. In the industry, she was encouraged to consider plastic surgery to increase her marketability, but she refused, and went on to successfully work with Iman, Susan Lucci, and the late Joan Rivers and others for more than a decade.

Using the branding principles, she teaches today on how to package, position, and promote oneself in the marketplace, S. Renee secured a talk show host and spokesperson position with United Paramount Network (UPN)–Philadelphia without taking a single class in broadcast journalism. As a host and producer, she maintained a strong stance on addressing issues such as women and diversity, inequality in education and health care, neighborhood revitalization, violence and the impact of negative images and lyrics on youth.

After leaving the entertainment industry, she worked as admissions counselor at an institution of higher learning. Here in only eight months, leveraging her knowledge of value proposition and savvy negotiation skills,she was promoted to director of public relations —placing her in the president’s cabinet.

That position ended abruptly when, after being bullied, she was fired from the job. Four months later her fiancé walked out of her life. Diagnosed with depression, S. Renee threw the prescribed antidepressants in the trash, made up her mind that her life was going to change, and began her journey back to herself. It was in that setting that There Is More Inside was birthed.

A thought-provoking and insightful speaker, S. Renee delivers passionate, power-packed insightful presentations that teach professionals how to build their confidence and create a likeable, marketable, and credible personal brand.

When S. Renee is not writing, coaching or speaking, she is volunteering. In 2015, she became the first Honorary Command Chief at the Department of Defense’s largest aerial port, Dover Air Force Base. She was one of 150 people in the nation invited by the Secretary of the United States Air Force to attend the 62nd National Security Forum at Air War College, held at Maxell, Air Force Base, Montgomery, Alabama.

S. Renee was the Founder and Chair of the William J. and Rev. Shirley M. Smith, Sr. Scholarship Fund, and former chair of the City of Dover Human Relations Commission. She also served on United Way of Delaware Women in Leadership Council, the Commission on Early Education and the Economy, and on Kent County's Advisory Board of Delaware's largest philanthropic organization, Delaware Community Foundation.

Among the widespread recognition for the impact, she has made on others’ lives, July 17, 2010, was declared S. Renee Smith Day in the City of Buffalo, New York. On May 9, 2013, she received a commendation from Delaware House of Representatives as a Personal Growth Expert, and on April 16, 2015, Wilmington City Council organized a citywide book signing, acknowledging her for her work in the world best-selling brand series, For Dummies. In 2006, she received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the National Association for Equal Opportunity.

S. Renee is a graduate of Leadership Delaware. She earned certificates of completion from Wharton Executive Education in Executive Presence and Influence, University of Delaware Conflict Resolution Program in basic mediation training, and from Xerox International Center for Management and Training Development in sales. She is also a certified coach, AWS cloud practitioner, and Gallup Clifton Strengths coach.

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