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Are you looking for a proven program on Personal Branding and Executive Presence?

Transform Your Personal Brand and Executive Presence was tested in Philadelphia, Virginia, and Delaware as UnBottle Your Genie: Design Your Brand Action Plan.

Using qualitative and anecdotal data to corroborate its impact, it became a part of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Senior Leadership Development Programs giving participants’ 15 professional development credits (POC). It was presented at SHRM’s conference in Las Vegas 2019 and has been presented via online during COVID.

Hired to build a leadership academy and later becoming an executive development lead at Amazon, S. Renee presented only two hours of the program to develop leaders at all levels of the organization. Before her departure in 2023, it was quickly becoming one of the most requested presentations for conferences and team off-sites throughout Amazon, earning 93-100% net promotor score.

“You made such an impact on me that I’ve been promoted twice. I had my dream job then I was promoted to a role I never dreamed of having.”

- SHRM2019, senior leaders’ program participant

If you are a talent development professional or business owner who is looking for a development resource to help leaders improve their persuasive communication skills, craft a compelling vision, and elevate their executive presence, schedule a call to learn more about becoming a trainer.

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“S. Renee does an outstanding job of listening to learn with and from her customers. By positioning them as the priority, she is able to tailor the program, communication, tool, or meeting to best serve the long-term vision or strategy. It is always a pleasure when we have the opportunity to connect, and I walk away from our conversations engaged and with my questions answered.”

Michael Assetto
Senior Human Resources Manager

“S. Renee brought clarity, organization, and lots of ‘know how’ to my project. Goals were set, timeframes kept – everything very professional and efficient. She brought a wealth of knowledge from many arenas pertinent to my business beyond branding: speaking, marketing, negotiation, and copywriting for better sales, to mention a few. She is personable and fun and ‘gets it’ the moment you describe your challenges to her. She then takes those challenges and breaks them into do-able steps, taking you from Point A to Point B without overwhelm.”

Dr. Audrey Sherman
PsychSkills Consulting Group & Author

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