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Do you want a speaker who can shatter old beliefs and paralyzing mindsets? Does your audience need to hear from someone who can help them close the gap in their minds concerning how they see themselves, their careers and their ability to achieve success? Are you looking for an innovative, thought-provoking and interactive speaker who will engage and connect with your audience?

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S. Renee is an innovative, passionate and inspiring speaker. Her powerhouse abilities and remarkable range to speak on diverse topics were developed and sharpened as a director of public relations, corporate marketing representative and manager, model, television talk show host, producer and spokesperson for Fortune 500 companies. S. Renee encourages, challenges and supports audiences as they take their next step to discover that there is MORE.

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“I can tell you that by far S. Renee is the best consultant/facilitator I have worked with, readily and eagerly wanting to apply her content to Cigna's message! It really felt like she was a part of the Cigna family. This will bring huge value to those who want to apply her lessons!”

- Lisa Dunn, Client Business Services, Cigna

“S. Renee is passionate, insightful, and speaks to the mind and heart of the audience. Her confidence and competence will ignite the spirit of anyone to go to the next level.”

- World-renowned professional speaker, author & TV personality, Les Brown

“S. Renee Smith your message was motivating, humorous, and coupled with thought-provoking ‘Aha’ moments.”

- Monica Pretlow Quinones, Vision Experience Attendee

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