Do you feel stuck? Do you want to improve your relationships? Are you trying to get clear on your life’s purpose? Do you want to communicate a clear, concise message about who you are and what you do?

A thought-provoking and engaging writer and speaker, S. Renee is an even better listener. With an innate ability to help you to identify your barriers and blind spots, you will quickly move to identifying your life’s purpose, crafting your message and assessing your value.

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S. Renee has coached hundreds of small businesses, employees and individuals. Here’s what she’s discovered: it doesn’t matter if you’re an Ivy League graduate, a member of the senior leadership team or just landed your first position, every client secretly wonders, "Can I do this?"

As your coach, she’ll provide you with the tips, tools and techniques that will move you from the cradle of limiting beliefs to walking in your power, passion and purpose. She’ll help you’ll uncover your likability factor, craft a marketable message and assess your value. She’ll share with you the strategies that will get people believing in and talking about YOU!

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“Everyone has the capacity to be that unique thing that they are. S. Renee knows how to help people unbottle their own genie inside.”

- Jack Canfield Chicken Soup for the Soul Co-originator and Author

“S. Renee helped me to discover what was really hidden inside of me. Now, I’m coaching others. After my first coaching session within 30 days, I landed my first two coaching clients at $1,999 each.”

- Dorrine Jones, Speaker, Author, Image Consultant, Coach

“One of the people that I’ve hired to help my clients is S. Renee Smith. S. Renee really understands the psychological, the marketing parts—even the spiritual aspects of creating buzz. ”

- Steve Harrison, National PR Guru, Bradley Communications Corp.

“S. Renee’s perspective and feedback is non-traditional. She coached me to transition from a “product to a package.” The conversation was a learning experience in and of itself. The “language” and her perspective (read) on the position I was applying for was right on. She helped me to strengthen my outcomes. I’m a finalist for an Associate Vice President Position.”

- Dr. Janice Borlandoe, Associate Vice President

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